Place-making Tactics or Strategies? A Case Study on Governmental Strategies in Urban Restructuring Processes and the Effective Challenge of Asylum Seekers’ Trying to Find a Place and Way of Place-making in Bolzano

By Michael Anranter.

Published by Spaces and Flows: An International Journal of Urban and ExtraUrban Studies

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European cities respond to demands arising from the global standpoint competition, supporting progress and development according to a profit-oriented ideal. Neoliberal policies and large-scale urban restructuring projects are common tools aimed to create safe cities for a shopping society. But even though persistent power relations seem to dominate the struggle for space and place in European cities, the outcome of large-scale interventions remain unpredictable. Too many people with conflicting interests take part in the daily hustle of urban societies sharing a common space. In the course of a two-month fieldwork focusing on asylum seekers, it became clear that memories, basic needs, and future perspectives were associated with specific places and became relevant for undertakings to (physically) re-shape and re-design places. This paper shows how asylum seekers with outstanding transnational experience but limited local knowledge about Bolzano (Italy) establish relations with specific places and develop tactics opposing governmental place-making ambitions. It outlines the separation between asylum seeker’s place-making tactics and local elites’ place-making strategies and aims for new opportunities for urban development.

Keywords: Urban Development, Identities, Affinities and Affiliations, Immigration, Visual Studies, Community Studies, Participation

Spaces and Flows: An International Journal of Urban and ExtraUrban Studies, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp.31-42. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published online: October 24, 2016 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.076MB)).

Michael Anranter

Junior Researcher, The Vienna Institute for Urban Sustainability, Vienna, Austria